"I picked up 'attack proof' with a smarmy attitude at it's goofy name somewhere around 15 years ago. What I found was the most incredible undercover book on functional internal arts I've ever seen. To this day that holds true and it's never left my top reference shelf."
  --Jed M.

Self defense book of adaptive hand to hand combat, groundfighting, knives, guns and personal protection from terroristsAfter two immensely successful editions, "Attack Proof" is going out of print. You can still grab a used or premium copy of our classic, controversial, best-selling,  and highly reviewed 2nd edition from Amazon.

Attack Proof 2nd Edition:
with whole new chapters, many more drills, photos, war stories and much fuller, clearer explanations of all the principles.

The new book also now corresponds better with the material on the Companion Series, Groundfighting and the brand new four-part Weapons Series DVDs.

As much as we liked the first edition of our book, the 2nd edition absolutely blows it away. Read a highly detailed review of the first edition that we came across that you've probably never seen before.

"I picked up [Attack Proof] because like anyone with any training I thought "Yeah right. No one is attack proof." I figured it would be some bone-head bunch of techniques from someone who was better at marketing than martial arts.

Then I opened the cover. Holy POC! (Profanity of Choice).

What I found was the cognizant and articulate organization of ideas I've learned over decades. There are things I've known but never put into words. Things I've put into words but none of my teachers would listen. Things I've wondered about from experience but found difficult to confirm.

Then I find this textbook with ALL of it right there in front of me written by people who have dealt with real violence up close and personal. I spent a lot of my first time through the book nodding and saying to myself "Yeah no POC that's how it is alright."

Best of all--a systematic way to train things I had come to believe only happened if you were lucky. Dropping for instance. I had a sparring partner in college, 6'5",280. I threw a technique that I thought had NOTHING behind it. Stopped him in his tracks. I had to wait to continue the sparring session until he stopped seeing stars. (and the sun and the moon :) I'm 6' and was 170 at the time.

I didn't manage to make it happen again for two years. I always thought there had to be a way to train to be able to do that at will.

A search frustrated for years until I found ATTACK PROOF. I completely understand when GM Perkins says it will feel effortless because every time I made it happen was like the first time; it felt like there was nothing behind it.

My frustration was with not being able to find a way to train to make it happen consistently. The marathon heavy bag sessions weren't managing anything except joint pain. Now cured. AWESOME!

Sorry I went on and on it's just so cool to find a place to go, so to speak."
--Matt T. Previously trained Isshin-Ryu, kenjutsu, aikijujtsu

  • The 2nd edition is not only 61 pages longer, the print is half the size so it's more like twice as long as the first edition--with more photos.
  • Every chapter rewritten with clearer, more detailed explanations of all concepts and drills.
  • Over 50 new drills for raising your fighting skills, balance, body unity, looseness and sensitivity.
  • Vastly expanded Groundfighting and Sensitivity chapters.
  • Vastly expanded Gunfighting chapter.
  • Vastly expanded Balance and Footwork chapters.
  • More Close Combat methods which are easy to learn and practice and effective for 90% of assaults.
  • Whole new Stair Fighting chapter which encompasses extreme scenario training.
    Anti-terrorism self defense aboard airliners.
  • Self defense in schools against bullies and Columbine catastrophes.
  • "The Survival Manifesto"-- a special chapter by Lt Col Ridenhour USMC on "mind--setting," the most important element of any self defense training.
  • More fight stories from the street.
  • And much, much, more...
*NOTE: We want this book to be the definitive guide to the art. Please check here for any additions or clarifications we come up with in the future.

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Martial Arts can teach people many important lessons about discipline, conditioning, and dedication. But as an effective means of self-defense and survival in brutal, real-world attacks, many martial arts come up short. This is because most self-defense applications of martial arts rely on patterned, choreographed techniques that have no relation to the chaos and randomness that rules during life and death fights.

Attack Proof offers a dramatically different kind of self-defense system that really works. It is based on the insights, real-world experiences, and forensic research of John Perkins, a New York Cop who teaches hand-to-hand combat to military and police instructors. A survivor of over 100 documented armed and unarmed violent encounters, Perkins also engaged in unlicensed pit fights and was a bodyguard with an international clientele.

Revolutionary in its approach, the book helps you to become a master of random motion, or guided chaos, where you create a defense during attacks using principles of movement and physics. These principles are taught through many drills and exercises, which focus on improving balance, looseness, sensitivity, and power.

This book provides a wide selection of basic to advanced tactics and principles with nearly 200 accompanying photographs that show correct positioning and maneuvers. You learn what to do and what not to do in potentially life threatening situations, including muggings, car jackings, abductions, knife fights, and gunfights. Plus, the authors back up their teaching with illuminating real world anecdotes.

Attack Proof is essential for anyone interested in personal safety. If you are already trained in a particular martial art, you will dramatically enhance your combat skills. If you practice Tai Chi, you may discover secrets that have long eluded you. If you are a novice, you will learn the basics of survival while improving your coordination, timing, and balance. Protect yourself by being prepared for the unexpected and become a martial "realist".


About the Authors

John Perkins has been training and teaching martial arts and self-defense for over 50 years. He has taught hand-to-hand tactics to Marine combat units, Marine scout sniper units, and military counterdrug forces. He also has instructed law enforcement personnel from the FBI, New York City Police Department, New York State Police, and the New York City Transit Police. A former bodyguard to Malcolm Forbes and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, Perkins is a forensic crime scene expert and a master handgun instructor and marksman. He has extensive experience in the martial arts of hapkido, taekwondo, kyukushinkai, kempo karate, judo, jujitsu, goju, and tai chi chuan. He has trained in Native American fighting principles since the age of five. Perkins has battled in unlicensed pit fights, a savage forerunner to today’s Ultimate Competitions. He is the founder of guided chaos, an adaptive, internal-energy art whose principles are detailed in this book. Perkins' system is recognized by the International Combat Martial Arts Federation, through which he holds a fifth-degree black belt in combat martial arts. Perkins lives in Nyack, New York. For a full resume see ABOUT ATTACKPROOF page.

Al Ridenhour
is a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and has been training in the martial arts since 1985. He has studied tai chi, isshinryu karate, and ken jitsu. An all-conference wrestler in high school who later learned boxing in the Marine Corps, Ridenhour is also a sixth-degree master in guided chaos. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Gulf War, where he commanded a 50-man infantry unit and served as an instructor in unarmed combat for his Marine unit and for the battalion’s scout sniper platoon. He has also worked with various law enforcement agencies, U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, and the Drug Enforcement Agency during counterdrug missions. He is a member of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation. Al appeared in an NBC news piece with Chuck Scarborough on in-flight anti-terrorist defensive techniques with bare hands and common objects. Ridenhour lives in Hartsdale, New York. Meet Colonel Al

Matt Kovsky is an editor for CBS Television. His work has earned him two Emmys—one for outstanding editing and another for producer of an outstanding entertainment series—as well as many other awards. Among his list of honors is a gold medal presented at the New York Film & TV Festival, a gold medal presented by the National Mature Market Media Festival, and a bronze medal presented by the National Educational Film Festival. Kovsky is the chronicler whose notebooks laid the foundation for Attack Proof. He is trained in isshinryu karate and jeet kune do, and he has a fifth-degree black belt in Guided Chaos. Kovsky has also produced the John Lennon Song-Writing Contest Award winning CD "FINALLY." Kovsky resides in Westchester, New York.



One of, if not the best book on personal protection and the Mayhem of street conflict. I have Black Belts in Karate, Jujitsu and Ninpo Taijutsu, In many ways I felt I have wasted all those years training. If only I had seen Attack Proof earlier. Attack Proof is light years ahead of what the S.A.S taught.

---Darren, Self Defense instructor, Australia

This is Jeet Kune Do as envisioned by Bruce Lee. I studied Tae Kwon Do for several years and stopped because of the rigidity of not only the style but also the mentality of the practitioners. I got a copy of Tao of Jeet Kune Do and found some freedom in it because of the concepts and radical ideas that Bruce Lee put forth. Now I have a copy of Attack Proof and I am on my second reading. I believe this is the way Bruce Lee would have wanted his Jeet Kune Do to evolve. I also believe that Tai Chi, if practiced the way it originally was intended, would be no different from Ki Chuan Do. I salute John Perkins.
---Saleem, customer service rep New Jersey

I have done Tae Kwon Do and jujitsu, as well as judo and boxing, and read a lot of martial arts books. This one is the best. The author has REALLY FOUGHT in real life situations (unlike a lot of martial arts authors who have only "fought" - i.e. sparred - in the dojo). That is the problem with most martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, they teach choreographed fighting. Many, many black belts have been "sucker punched" or even killed in bar fights or on the streets, while smaller, untrained people survived, because their reaction or response was better.
---John, Dallas Texas

I have over twenty years of experience in the field of psychology and have been involved closely with many cases of female battery and situations far worse. While there are some great books out there such as A Gift Of Fear by Gavin Debecker I have found that although these guides help in assessing the potential dangers of certain individuals they fall short in the area of what to do if you are actually suddenly attacked. I have been taught by various members of local police departments on how to defend myself and ave seen many videos as well as studied the methods of authors of self defense. I have found information found in Attack Proof by John Perkins has been the most effective in helping women overcome a great amount of anxiety and has actually aided them when it came to having more courage when it came to actual legal actions. It is the one book which in reality gives a female an even playing ground when it comes to facing danger in the form of a dangerous man. If you are in trouble or know someone who is, then along with getting help from professionals in the field of women's safety, get this book. I can't recommend it enough."
---A reviewer from NY, NY

I am extremely impressed with your concepts! Since learning about your Guided Chaos theory of fighting in last September's Black Belt Magazine reality fighting issue, I have bought the Attack Proof book and all three of your tapes. I have also recommended them to just about anyone I've talked to about self-defense!

I'm very enthusiastic about your methodology because I've proven to myself it works. Until recently, I was stationed in Germany. There, I helped my instructor run a self-defense class for military members and dependents. After getting your book and tapes, I began incorporating your principles into my training and teaching. The difference was astounding!

Despite my previous experience in various martial arts, I always had a sense of uneasiness about whether the techniques would work in a flowing manner when it really mattered. After studying your material, I realized that pattern recognition and poor balance had been holding me back. From November until I moved to Virginia in July, I diligently incorporated your drills into my classes' training. Not only did my own fighting skills and confidence increase dramatically, but so did those of students with much less experience. We found that students who had never studied a fighting system before could defend themselves against unarmed and armed attackers at a basic, but very effective level within three months. What was particularly impressive was that they were able to handle unexpected scenarios and multiple attackers. Most importantly, your concepts of awareness cause them to think outside the box of traditional dojo/gym type training. What truly impresses me is how many valuable concepts are contained in such a relatively thin book. I'm sure I'll spend years trying to master them.
---Lieutenant Colonel Wil Urquhart, United States Air Force
 Black Belt, Combat Hapkido