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"Just wanted to say congratulations and THANK YOU
for putting together an awesome instructional DVD!!!
I've watched it a couple times so far and learned
a lot with each viewing.
It seems to be really well "layered," just like
the book, but more accessible right away because
it's a video. From Matt's precise explanations of
the drills to Al's gestalt wrap-ups, showing how all
the principles and drills apply to [neutralizing]
people, it really flows and ties together well.
It's amazing how cohesive it all is, especially
considering that scenes shot like two years ago
(or at least before I showed up) and others shot
only two months ago run together seamlessly.
I'm personally amazed at how much I learned from
the video just in the first viewing. For example,
while watching the video, I think I finally
"got" what is meant by "a root no one can find."
(This understanding would have come in handy during
some contact flow I did with Brian on Saturday!
I'll work it and see how it goes next time. . . .)
"Finding the straight line in the circle" has always
been a little hazy, but it's in the video too so
maybe a few more viewings will help. Also got
reminded of a drill or two I had forgotten about
that I'll be sure to practice, and also interesting
takes on aspects of the "usual" drills.
On the lighter side, I think you could make a good
drinking game out of this DVD: everyone has to take
a swig every time someone gets smacked by Al!
(And you have to finish the bottle when someone gets
knocked through a wall.) Rumor has it that the action
scenes in this DVD are nothing compared to what will
be in Part 3. . . . Projected release date on Part 3???
The Part 2 Companion DVD is THE video to have for
those trying to train KCD on their own, or for anyone
who wants to accelerate his or her training and
understanding. John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and
Matt Kovsky take you by the hand through all the most
essential KCD exercises, and explain and demonstrate
exactly how the attributes trained by these drills
apply to self-defense. The video also includes
excellent drills developed since the publication of
the book, entertaining and educational action scenes,
and as a special bonus, footage of Lt. Col. Ridenhour
explaining and demonstrating cutting-edge close combat
drills he uses to train his Marines in Iraq, taken
recently while he was home on leave!"
Thanks again, and can't wait for Part 3!!!
--Ari Kandel


by Ken Freeman

Based on the last 2 newsletters, there appears to be a
discrepancy over the definition of "relaxation" or
"looseness". So if possible, please allow me to weigh
in. The definition of looseness in the Attack Proof
book is stated as the ability to change direction with
any part of the body with the smallest possible
impetus, with no conscious thought or physical
restriction. This is stated up front to inform
everyone that the reactive looseness of KCD is not the
same as the strategic methods found in sport fighting to
conserve energy. I'll return to this concept in pt.2
after I address a statement from the last email.

"He identified himself that he was an orange belt in
Krav Maga and that he has been instructed to "relax"
and be loose during a life and death struggle." Damian

Therein lies the problem. Krav Maga and practically
every other martial art (fighting system) lack the
unifying principles to ingrain qualities of internal
movements in high speed, high adrenaline motion. It is
not enough to simply tell someone to relax and hit
with all of their body weight. A very small percentage
will "get it", but the vast majority will fail.

The graceful, kinesthetic quality of proper internal
movements have to be broken down into the elemental
components of looseness, balance, body unity and
sensitivity. Through consistent, long term practice of
the esoteric drills of KCD, you can focus on each one
individually and tremendously amplify them far beyond
someone who simply leaves these areas to chance or
even "hard contact" sparring.

When you refine the elements and put them back
together through consistent "Contact Flow" training
against another person who is ALSO developing this
form of grace, the rate of development surpasses every
other form of training that's available. The level of
resistance will automatically eliminate superfluous
movements. You won't have time for sportive stances,
winding up to apply "brick breaking" force, OVER
THINKING, over committing on strikes, spiraling joints
to redirect force into the earth (Tai Chi
practitioners know what I mean), delivering broken
"boxer style" combinations, or even grappling. These
are all superfluous motions that get cut down and
eliminated during the flow.

As a side note, there are people who will ask or
wonder why you don't just clinch when you're in
Contact Flow range. The short answer is that if you
do, you'll either get overwhelmed by drop strikes as a
result of breaking from the reactive motion, get eye
gouged as you've given up both arms, or fall victim to
some other form of incapacitating mayhem. Mastery of
the principles allow you to contort your body and
create space at high speed where untrained individuals
simply don't have it.

I(6'2", 190 lbs.) and one of my training partners,
Chris(6'0", 225 lbs.) both in our 20s and athletic,
tried every type of unarmed attack imaginable against
Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour and received kinesthetic
reminders that any superfluous or stylistic movements
are improper and would get you knocked out, disfigured
or possibly even killed in a violent conflict against
someone who has mastered the principles. In fact, now
that I think about it, you may be able to say they are
among that 1% of psycho fighters you often times hear
martial artists talk about. Thank the Heavens Al had a
high degree of control.

All you have are basic strikes practiced in WW2 Close
Combat methodology, which are infused with the high
speed, advanced internal qualities developed through
the principles. Even joint breaks have to be delivered
as "basic strikes". Contact Flow and the principles
develop the type of fighting motion that humans would
naturally produce if not for faulty preconceived
notions that we pick up from emulating unrealistic
methodologies of sport fighting and "tensing up"
during training, thus fighting our own natural
movements and momentum.

To be continued.....

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ken has a KCD training group
in the Chicago area you may want to investigate.]

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