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"To Fight for My Life..."
 Simple: Cut Through the Sales Pitch
and Ask 6 Serious Questions--

1) WHO has endorsed this system?

Anyone as GOOD as they SAY they are, will have the professional endorsements to back it up:

arrow “John Perkins’ combat methods [Guided Chaos] are the most efficient and devastating that I have experienced before, during, and since the military.”
–Ret. Lieutenant Dick Shea, original Navy SEAL team member

John Perkins is an expert on the dynamics of violence.”
–Dr. Peter Pizzola, Director, NYPD Crime Lab

arrow “I’ve used John Perkins’ methods myself in the street, and they really work”
–Jim Cirillo, Top Member NYPD Stakeout Squad

arrow MORE of the BEST Professional Endorsements
in the Business

2) Are they from EXPERTS in criminal justice, veterans of war and police bloodbaths, or from some self-proclaimed “combat master” no one of any stature has ever heard of?

arrow “Your book ‘Attackproof’ and the ‘Attackproof Companion DVD Series’ stand unparalleled in the annals of self-defence and security training.”
–Charl Viljoen, Regional Director of The Guardian Angels, Capetown, South Africa–”The Most Violent City In the World”

arrow “I am the Element Leader of our Tactical Team and a Defensive Tactics Instructor. I have been a Police Officer for 18 years. I have been to many schools, classes and seminars throughout my career in the Marine Corps and in law enforcement…The training we have received from John Perkins has profoundly influenced the way our operators and instructors train and teach.
–Detective Michael Goldman, NY Police Defensive Tactics Instructor

arrow “Grand Master Perkins is, in my humble opinion, the most unique figure in the world of Combat, Combatives and Surviving violent encounters. Grand Master Perkins is unlike anyone I have ever met, trained with, know about, have read about or that I have even heard about. He has fused physical, basic combative techniques with forensic knowledge and principles to create the most unique, effective and complete combat system in existence today.
–The Honorable RJB, Former Acting Supreme Court Justice in the State of New York

LEARNING HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE is too important to put in the hands of basement-warriors, dojo-junkies or salesmen selling “super-secret” NONSENSE.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between a recognized self-defense expert and a marketing expert
…it could save your life.

arrow “Real World Violence, not Dojo Dancing. I have trained, studied, and researched martial arts and fighting for over twenty-five years and have always felt that something was missing. The number of techniques I found to actually work in a real fight was very few, even though I became very proficient at utilizing them in the dojo…if you do have a martial arts background you’ll find that many of the things you will learn…will greatly enhance what you know already.
–David Chesher, Former SWAT team member and U.S. Marine

arrow “[John Perkins] Changed the Way I Train and Think About Self-Defense.”
–Bob Miller, Corrections Officer, Oregon

arrow “The other martial arts are about beautiful choreography. There’s nothing dance-like about this.”
–Eric Haney, Command Sergeant Major (retired) founding member Delta Force from SPYMASTER on The Learning Channel

3) Is the system PROVEN where it counts
…on the battlefield and in the streets?

arrow “I’ve been in hundreds of street fights. And I teach JKD and I can honestly tell you what John Perkins teaches is the best stuff out there for street fighting.
–Mike Muratore, JKD Instructor Los Angeles, CA under Jerry Poteet (original Bruce Lee student)

arrow “John Perkins is America’s Foremost Self Protection Expert.”
–Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute, The World’s #1 Trends Forecaster

arrow “I unreservedly endorse John Perkins’ programs.”
–Bradley J. Steiner, President, International Combat Martial Arts Federation

arrow “The difference between boxing and street fights is that many street fights can mean life or death. John Perkins teaches the most effective and easy to learn methods of self-defense in existence today.”
–Doug Gray, Former Super Welterweight Champion of NABO

arrow “The Kill the Enemy DVD is the greatest work of modern combat of our time. In the dirty bloody world of real combat there are no second place winners. In combat there is only kill and come home. John trains you for just such an encounter…he has found a way to bridge the gap between school and real world, no-holds-barred REALITY.”
–Captain Jonathan Edwards, U.S. Army Ranger 101st Airborne /Air Assault

arrow “As a marine I’ve trained all over the world in most of the major hand-to-hand systems. When I first heard about John Perkins’ system, I was skeptical. After touching hands with him, I instantly knew this was like nothing I had ever experienced before or during my military career. I also knew I would someday have to master it.”
–Lt. Col Al Ridenhour USMC, Instructor in Unarmed Combat in Iraq; Guided Chaos/Guided Chaos Combatives Master

4) Check the system’s CREATOR:

…and what has HE done?

  • Former Yonkers, NY Detective.
  • Forensic crime scene reconstruction expert interpreting blood spatter patterns of horrific homicides; analyzing dynamics of how people fought and died.
  • Police veteran of over 100 documented brutal arrests of extremely violent criminals, where people ended up in the hospital or morgue.
  • Engaged in unlicensed Pit-fighting on the docks of Newark and New Orleans pre-UFC (no rules except for don’t kill the other guy).
  • One of the top Close Contact and Point Shooting instructors in the U.S.
  • Student of Thomas Loughnan “The fastest man in the world” with a CoIt 45 1911 semi-automatic.
  • Holds the rank of Grand Master in Combat Martial Arts under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation along with John McSweeny, Jeff Jarrett, Master Visitacion, and Col. Rex Applegate.
  • Bodyguard to Billionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes, Israeli Defense minister Moshe Dayan, EST founder Werner Ehrard; trained bodyguards to Pope John Paul II.
  • Trained by his father from the age of 5 in World War II Close Quarters Combat and Native American Catch Wrestling; Combat Hapkido by Master Ik Jo Kang (instructor for the Korean ROK Army during the Vietnam War); Elephtheri Pali (Greek: “Ruthless Combat”) by George Kaperonis and Tai Chi by Temple Trained Chicago Master Waysun Liao.
  • In 1978, Perkins created GUIDED CHAOS, a completely original system of self-defense that ADAPTS to violent attacks.
  • Author of best-selling self-defense books, used as training manuals for members of the U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, NYPD, the Guardian Angels Capetown South Africa chapter (“The most violent city in the world”) and select Reality-based and kung fu schools around the globe.

5) So what IS this system and what sets it apart?


GUIDED CHAOS COMBATIVES? Isn’t that like all the OTHER “Reality-based” World War II hand-to-hand combat systems out there?

NO. Very few of them are authentic and even less are taught by credible practitioners. Most also have limitations in Power, Balance and Footwork.

photo of reality based self defense Grandmaster John PerkinsLogo for Enhanced Close Quarters Combat Training eBookIn 1979, John Perkins created Guided Chaos, an ORIGINAL, advanced system of free-form ADAPTIVE self-defense that takes many years of disciplined training to master. However, not everyone has that kind of time…and violent criminals aren’t going to wait.

As a Grandmaster in Combat Martial Arts under the ICMAF, Perkins has taken key energy principles of Guided Chaos and used them to enhance the authentic and already proven World War II hand-to-hand close quarters combat methods of Col. Rex Applegate and Fairbairn and Sykes, and created Guided Chaos Combatives, a system anyone can master in just weeks with diligent practice.

This is NOT watered down, politically correct nonsense. It also isn’t competitive sport fighting–which has rules, and training methods that follow those rules. It is the real deal, used on the battlefield and in NY streets by active duty law enforcement.


Containing principles, photos, diagrams, checklists, strategies and training regimens found nowhere else.


  • Scenario training that covers most types of violent attacks.
  • Why blocking is a waste of time.
  • The one type of kick you have to know that defends against all other kinds of kicks.
  • Universal defenses that work whether you’re attacked from the right, left, high or low–because you can never predict exactly how you’ll be assaulted.
  • Comprehensive training regimens to teach you how to hit harder and more efficiently—for both solo practice and partner training.
  • How to correct the most common striking errors virtually all beginners make.
  • Why the most common type of punch that professional boxers use is wrong for you–and the type that’s right.
  • The Pro football drill that teaches you how to hit harder and faster than most martial arts techniques.
  • The instinctive defensive move our “animal” side knows how to do—but that most martial arts have erased.
  • The exact moment WHEN to defend yourself. Before or after could get you killed.
  • Self defense drills you can practice in public, without anyone knowing about it.
  • Why the most popular fighting techniques you see on TV will get you killed.
  • The most important thing to do—and NOT do if you’re mugged.
  • The most important self defense attribute of all that doesn’t even involve fighting.
  • The meditation drill that teaches you to focus all your fear and anger and explode in the enemy’s face like a grenade.
  • The singular warrior principle that doubles your power while also keeping you out of trouble.
  • The critical tai chi principle that allows you to hit harder with no windup or chambering that even most tai chi experts don’t know and that Muhammad Ali unknowingly used to knock out Sonny Liston.
  • The best tool there is for increasing your reaction speed–that’s also free!
  • The one Universal Entry move that works against virtually any attack, high or low.
  • The strikes that are proven to work in real life and death combat–and those that don’t (if you’re a competitive fighter you’ll be surprised at the answer).
  • The one most important thing to say and do AFTER you’ve defended your life.
  • Over 30 simple “Street Smart Tips” for avoiding violence, safeguarding your home and family and protecting yourself while traveling, driving and exercising.
  • The 2 most important weapons you can take with you wherever you go that are also 100% legal (even AFTER you’ve used them to save your life).
  • Forget about super-secret “pressure points”, Dim-mak “death touches” and “unbeatable” submission holds: learn the ONLY 2 targets that are proven in war to Kill the Enemy.
  • 5 ways for detecting fake police–a surprisingly common criminal scam.
  • The amazingly popular anti-mugging tip taught by so-called self-defense experts that can get you killed.
  • The virtually foolproof 5-step Home Protection Plan.
  • How the “Baseball Bat” training method can save your life–without having a baseball bat.
  • The defensive strategy every prison inmate knows that YOU can use to keep you safe.

…and much, much more.

The GCC eBook is an actual book, not an internet pamphlet.
ONE COMPREHENSIVE 84 page MANUAL with more valuable info packed into it than most self-defense eBooks (and all their “free bonuses”) COMBINED.

You COULD spend years and thousands of dollars on point-sparring, knuckle push-ups, brick-breaking, acrobatic wheel kicks, splits, katas or rules-based sport grappling and still not get the kind of FOCUSED INSTRUCTION you will learn and master in this manual.

Photo How to Fight for Your Life eBook

GET REAL. NO system of self-defense is invincible and websites that say so are dangerous to your safety because they create a false sense of security that can get you into even WORSE trouble.

The ugly truth is that even when you survive a violent attack, you may still get injured. If anyone tells you differently, they have no experience with real violence and are just out to take your money.

Guided Chaos Combatives is battle-tested, expert endorsed, realistic self-defense that gives you the best chance for saving your life.

Paperback version / Kindle version

FORGET ABOUT “secret” self-defense moves “borrowed” from all over the web by internet salesmen who have NO ACTUAL SCHOOL and NO CONCEPT of what really works when the spit hits the fan. You can LEARN and MASTER sane, sober and proven methods from a highly regarded expert in the field:

5 STARS     "A fantastic guide to reality-based street combatives and real life self-defense advice."
Oct 6, 2010 by Joseph J. Truncale (Chicago, IL USA)

This review is from: HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE

This is one of the most practical books on street combat self-defense techniques and tactics. This book is based upon the "Guided Chaos Combatives" system developed by the John Perkins. Even though I had read the book "Attack-Proof" some time ago, I was not that impressed with it. However, after reading this book I became more enthusiastic with this simple but highly effective street combat system.

As a retired police officer I like the author's approach in emphasizing to avoid physical conflict as much as possible, but once your personal space is invaded and it is clear you are in danger of being attacked, you should immediately attack the most vulnerable areas of the attacker's body. There is excellent advice in this manual, like never allowing your attacker to take you to another location. Even though the book is only 129 pages, it covers an enormous amount of material. It first explains the "Guided Chaos Combatives" approach. It moves to the first principle which is awareness and emphasizes "challenge no one." The personal comfort zone is explained as well as the principle of "attack the attacker." Interestingly, I emphasize the same principle in my combatives system.

The text teaches how to use visualization, the principle of basic dropping. Jack Dempsey's book called this the falling step theory of how to deliver powerful knockout punches and it does work. This book calls it "drop striking."

Basic strikes and targets are explained, as well as numerous basic drills to increase your skill level and reactions. How to move using the box step while at the same time practicing strikes against training bags is emphasized. The only chapter I have some disagreement with is the "Legal Ramifications" section. As a retired police officer, martial artist and law enforcement trainer I do not agree with the advice on "NEVER TALK TO A POLICE OFFICER." If you were the victim and afraid for your life, and you defended yourself as the last resort, you have nothing to fear from explaining that to the police. Yes, it is true that police are suspicious people, and if you refuse to cooperate by explaining what happened, most officers will find that very suspicious. Yes, I advise getting an attorney but if you are a victim, why view the police as enemies.

Nevertheless, this book on the whole is excellent and I recommend it to anyone seeking a practical and effective street combative system.

5 STARS     “The Title Says It All

July 9, 2010 by M. Kaminski (Pueblo, CO USA)

This review is from: HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE

The precursor to the full-blown defense system of Guided Chaos, “How to Fight for Your Life” presents well-written, concise, life saving information. It is devoid of the superfluous sportive techniques found in many books of this genre. In fact, while written with the civilian in mind, the skills and techniques contained within are no nonsense and lethal; applicable for life and death combat and easily trump the grappling/MMA techniques being taught in today’s military. This book is well written with diagrams and pictures that aptly depict the information being presented. I would whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone looking to build a solid self-defense foundation followed by Attack Proof – 2nd Edition for follow-on training into the system of Guided Chaos.

5 STARS     “No Nonsense, No BS, Just Pure Self Defense
July 10, 2010 by D. Buxman (Pueblo, CO USA)

This review is from: HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE

How to Fight for Your Life covers a lot of ground in a short space. As any good self-defense book should, it all starts with Situational Awareness. If you are constantly plugged in to your Ipod or your Blackberry, just consider yourself another item on the Predator’s Menu Board. This book has excellent advice on avoiding confrontation and helping you to set up trigger points that will prepare you to defend yourself in a devastating, yet legal, manner once the line is crossed. The techniques described are well-illustrated with good photgraphs that demonstrate what you should and should not do when defending yourself. More importantly, the techniques are simple to practice and use. This isn’t an elaborate martial arts dance class. It is pure focused aggression. I would suggest Attack Proof, 2nd Edition as a good companion piece for those who want to further explore the information raised in this excellent book.

5 STARS     “Practical Self-defense for the Non-expert”
July 27, 2010 By Evan K. Yeung, Cincinnati Ohio.

This review is from: HOW TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE

The AttackProof book from the Guided Chaos Combatives group is one of the best sources I’ve ever read about internal martial arts principles in true self-defense applications. Unfortunately, the book has one glaring fault. While experienced martial artists will recognize the value of the material in AttackProof, the average person who has no self-defense training will find that much of the information is so advanced that it would be difficult for them to use it in a real situation.

Enter “How to Fight For Your Life”, a distillation of the AttackProof book for those who have little experience with martial arts and self defense training, but want to learn practical skills to keep themselves safe. This book accomplishes that goal with easy to read prose, good illustrations, and simple strategies and methods that are easily understandable. Perhaps most importantly, the concepts in this book can easily be absorbed by the average person without learning complex forms or studying for years in a traditional martial arts studio. Even those with some martial arts background will find useful points for their own training for a real self defense situation. Intermediate to advanced martial artists may want to go for the AttackProof book, but for everyone else, “How To Fight For Your Life” will be a useful reference. This book will be mandatory reading for my girls when they hit their teenage years.