By Lt. Col. Al

"We must sharpen our minds as well as our skills if our swords are to
prevail in battle..."
                - Attila King of the Huns, "The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun"

This is a long one you are definitely going to need some coffee or tea for
this because I'm going to try to tie several concepts together from my
previous newsletters. So here goes.

Virtually every object has a center and with the exception of an uncontained
liquid or a gas. Generally speaking you can feel the center of most objects
especially those that are hard and structured. When you balance a stick on
end, you are able to do so because you feel the balance point, when you spin
a basketball on your finger even though it's round you can do so because
you feel its center. Conversely when you want to flip or twirl a stick,
sword or whatever, because you know where its balance point is you are able
to manipulate the object in your hand around its balance point based on "pure

The problem you run into when you deal with "living tissue" whether it's a
person, a cat or a snake, is that their center is always shifting on you
whereas inanimate objects like a chair or a rock have a constant center of
gravity. The other problem when dealing with living tissue is that it has
the quality of a liquid and a solid all at the same time. This is why
sensitivity is crucial to fighting at a high level. This ability to do as
they say in Tai Chi "liquid body/solid body" enables us to become like
ghosts when we need to or like an oak tree when we desire to (steam,
water, ice) while simultaneously directing our weapons with accuracy.

As you will notice at high speeds KCD looks very "wild" and resembles the
type of combat in terms of chaos that you see in "real street fights". That
is because our striking methodology is based purely upon "natural motions"
with all of the body unity you find in the best Combat Tai Chi schools. It
is because of the chaotic nature of our movements at high speed why no one
wants to believe just how devastating our strikes are until they actually
"feel" it for themselves. As stated in other forums the real reason why
people try to "stylize" their fighting is because in truth most people when
they fight have such poor control over their bodies that they are usually
unable to bring their full power to bare when engaged in combat, unless of
course they get the first shot in.
So! The stylized fighters "incorrectly" assume it is because their movements
are too chaotic. So they set about trying to "structure" the fight the way
they think it will go down rather than dealing with the reality before them.
In other words the fight "is" what it "is." No amount of stylized training
is going to change that fact no matter how good you get at it. In truth it
is not the chaos but their lack of "body unity" or "grace" as we define
them, which finds its foundation in your balance or root as the reason why
the untrained street brawler often tends to over commit on their strikes.
However, as we all know, over commitment and lack of body unity in no way
means lack of hitting power, the difference being that their hitting power is
based solely on muscular strength, thus the reason why so many black belts
get pummeled in real street fights.
It's interesting because we have often found that when training, most
stylized fighters are easier to deal with than someone off the street just
wanting to learn how to protect themselves. The reason is obvious, the guy
off the street has absolutely no preconceived notions about what happens in
real fights so his mind does not get in the way of his natural body
movements whereas the stylized martial artist thinks he can set it up faster
than someone can rush in and strike. This is folly!
Remember, that when you are properly balanced and unitized in your body it
prevents you from being over committed and allows you to contort or become
pliable (loose) while moving around your center of gravity or root. Because
you are pliable it allows you to remain sensitive, which in turn allows you
to feel yourself or your root in relation to another person's root/center of
gravity in time and space. The culmination of all three principles working
together produces the type of body unity which allows you to hit with
tremendous power from seemingly impossible positions while changing
direction instantly and at will. This will enable you to strike in one
direction and then in the blink of an eye strike with power from a
completely opposite direction.


        "No plan survives initial contact."
              - Carl Von Clausewitz, "On War"

         "Whatever plan you have going into the ring, once you get hit that all goes out the window..."
                -Mike Tyson

Both Von Clausewitz and even better Mike Tyson's statements sum up the theme
of this newsletter and that is that fighting is dynamic and no matter how
structured, once contact is made in a real fight all preconceived notions
about the fight go right out the window. For those who have regularly
attended our classes or seminars you have heard me pontificate numerous
times on the old maxim by Alexander the Great, "The most well made tools are
worthless in the hands of those unskilled in their use."

This is perhaps one of my favorite military quotes as it relates to martial
training because all too often not enough attention is paid to the "proper"
development of what Grand Master Perkins refers to as the "Delivery System"
of your weapons. In this newsletter I'm going to discuss the importance of
developing your delivery system and how to achieve it on a very rudimentary
but effective level. Remember that for most fighters the reason their skills
fail when dealing with the random chaos of a real street fight is not so
much that their tools aren't developed but a lack of a proper delivery
system to make the strikes work.

As stated in previous newsletters the mere development of strikes is not
enough when they are employed in a real fight the skills must be developed
in a dynamic environment otherwise you're just punching in the wind.

In Part I of this newsletter I discussed that when striking you must
"intuitively" feel your body position through the weapon or tool in relation
to your root in order to strike effectively. You must "feel" the
relationship between the contact of your weapon and the surface of the
attacker's body that you are striking. Remember that when you hit people you
have to touch them and when you touch them you have to use your sensitivity
or kinesthetic awareness to do so effectively. In layman's terms hitting is
a part of sensitivity and cannot be separated from it. As the fight
progresses you must be able to continually align your body to the best of
your abilities to a better position in order for your tools to work as
efficiently as possible, which is why contact flow at a slow speed including
at the ultra-slow speed is vital to your ability to develop this skill.

As I strike and make contact with another person's body each point of contact
whether fast or slow becomes a reference point and since I know based on my
sensitivity where they are in relation to my body it instantly tells me
where to strike next even if I can not physically see where my next strike
will be. It is because I sense where it is based upon my sensitivity and I
understand through contact how the body is structured I can strike as fast
as I feel without thought.

In truth these actions are all transparent and actually flow together when
in practice. Remember that when we move there is no beginning or end, there
is only constant flow, almost like a moving form of meditation in which the
changes are seamless all happening in the blink of an eye. As Grand Master
Perkins once told me, and I quote,
        "You want to become so sensitive that even within the subtle
shades of gray you can clearly distinguish between the black and white

This ability to distinguish subtle shades of gray when fighting allows you
to flow and control the chaos in a fight and give the chaos all at once
since you can feel their intention before they are able to get their stuff
off. The difference between your ability to change between the hard and soft
(Yin / Yang) should be like a razor's edge and must become purely
subconscious. They should be so close together that to the person
experiencing you pulse, push, pull, lift, drop, disappear, re-appear, fold,
yield, pocket, root etc... they can never find the handle on where you are,
yet they feel your "wrath" from every possible direction all at once with
"penetrating power."


In order to develop the proper delivery system for your strikes as with
everything else, always start with the proper mindset. To provide a better
understanding I'm going to quote the words of the legendary Master Swordsman
Miyamoto Musashi.

Shinmen Musashi No Kami Fujiwara No Genshin, or as he is commonly known
Miyamoto Musashi, was born in the village called Miyamoto in the province
Mimasaka in 1584. It is recorded that he slew a man in single combat when he
was just thirteen. The opponent was Arima Kigei, a samurai of the Shinto Ryu
School of military arts, skilled with sword and spear. Musashi threw the man
to the ground, and beat him about the head with a stick whenever he tried to
rise. Kihei died vomiting blood [Ouch!] Musashi's next contest was when he
was sixteen, when he defeated Tadashima Akiyama. About this time, he left
home to embark on the "Warrior Pilgrimage" which saw him the victor in over
60 duels and took him to war six times, until he finally settled down at the
age of fifty, having reached the end of his search for reason.
On Killing
Whenever you cross swords with an enemy you must not think
of cutting him either strongly or weakly; just think of cutting and killing
him. Be intent solely on killing the enemy. Do not try to cut strongly and,
of course, do not think of cutting weakly. You should only be concerned with
killing the enemy. If you rely on strength, when you hit the enemy's sword
you will inevitably hit too hard. If you do this, your own sword will be
carried along as a result.
        Killing is the same for people who know about fighting and
for those who do not. It is the same for women or children, and there are
not many different methods. We can speak of different tactics such as
stabbing and mowing down, but none other than these. Anyway, cutting down
the enemy is the Way of strategy, and there is no need for many refinements
of it.
Advancing With the Body

        The spirit of "Glue and Lacquer Emulsion Body" is to stick
to the enemy and not separate from him. When you approach the enemy, stick
firmly with your head, body and legs. People tend to advance their head and
legs quickly, but their body lags behind. You should stick firmly so that
there is not the slightest gap between the enemy's body and your body. You
must consider this carefully.
Also by training you will be able to freely control your own
body, conquer men with your body, and with sufficient training you will be
able to beat ten men with your spirit.
To Apply Stickiness

        When the enemy attacks and you also attack with the long
sword, you should go in with a sticky feeling and fix your long sword
against the enemy's as you receive his cut. The spirit of stickiness is not
hitting very strongly, but hitting so that the long swords do not separate
easily. It is best to approach as calmly as possible when hitting the
enemy's long sword with stickiness. The difference between "Stickiness" and
"Entanglement" is that stickiness is firm and entanglement is weak. You must
appreciate this.
The Way of Strategy when Striking

        The Way of strategy is the Way of nature. When you
appreciate the power of nature, knowing the rhythm of any situation, you
will be able to hit the enemy naturally and strike naturally. All this is
the Way of the Void...
                - Miyamoto Musashi, The book of Five Rings

As pointed out in a previous newsletter I discussed the importance of
understanding the relationship between your striking ridge and body unity.
Without rehashing it all here the culmination of the principles of Balance,
Looseness and Sensitivity working together create Body Unity. Through body
unity we are able to have greater control over our Sphere of Influence which
in turn ensures that all of your weapons or tools are always in range of
their body and it ensures that you are able to maintain maximum range of
motion with your limbs. So as you strike you are never striking from a
position in which you are either over extended, out of alignment or
restricted. Thus we can observe the following:
*    Through balance you are able to step to a new root point
effortlessly at lighting speed and strike with maximum power. Your balance
enables you to instantly change your root point in order to control your
equilibrium. As they advance you can easily step off line, as they retreat
you can advance all while under control.  
*    Through looseness or pliability you are able to contort your
body to avoid being penetrated as you move in to strike by yielding, you can
align your weapon with your body, lengthen or shorten your weapon, cut off
angles and strike with maximum power from virtually impossible looking
positions simultaneously.
 *    Through your sensitivity, both kinesthetic and spatial,
which allows you to know where the other person(s) is in relation to your
weapons you are able to maintain contact and flow with the battle almost
effortlessly allowing you to seemingly always know what they are going to do
before they do it.
*    Culminating into body unity you are able to always have your
body behind your strikes so that when you strike you are able to do so with
power and speed from any position repositioning your weapons at will.

"Where does the swordsman strike? Nowhere..."
-    Takuan So Ho, The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the
Master Swordsman

One thing that will help you in your development is to "assume nothing" in
other words since the only thing that we can count on in a real fight are
utter chaos and change I assume nothing [i.e., that I know what another
person is going to do before hand] while at the same time I assume that the
enemy is capable of anything. While this may sound like I'm talking out of
both sides of my mouth it is none the less true and the main reason why so
many fighting systems fail when the poop hits the oscillating device it is
because they "assume" the wrong things. As Thomas Edison once stated,
"90% of genius is knowing what doesn't work..."

And what doesn't work is assuming that the fight will be fought in a
cooperative manner as taught in most dojo's. Assume nothing!
I also give the enemy the benefit of the doubt assuming that everyone
understands the same principles as we do, it's the only way I can keep
myself honest-- anything less is folly. I view fighting just like a game of
chess, and just as in chess we are all bound by the same principles which
are rooted in the physical laws. In chess both novice and master are limited
by the number of moves or rules as prescribed by the game, the difference
between the novice and the master is knowledge and experience. In other
words no matter what move the novice makes it doesn't matter because the
master sees 50 moves from which to counter their actions naturally as the
novice improves this gap in skill decreases, the same is true in KCD.

Through working the principles to the "nth" degree as your skills improve at
some point the only difference from one practitioner to another in terms of
skill is experience.  

Since when you strike you make contact with your opponent whether fast or
slow because generally speaking you feel the contact with the other person's
body in relation to yours instantly, based on that reference point you are
able to move from one strike to the next without thought since you have
already "felt" where to go instantly. With this understanding, by maintaining
body unity and contact with your enemy, working slowly at first and then gradually
building up, the more experienced you become at this and the easier it becomes to
negate another person's motion or pre-empt their motion with a strike.

Remember that people can only get but so loose or balanced and since I
assume that everyone can do what we do the only way to prevent them from
doing it and thus negating my actions is to step in, drop and penetrate them so
fast that they are unable to pocket, turn or step out of the way fast
enough. In this way it allows you to maintain the full range of motion with
your limbs while having your body behind everything that you do. Otherwise
they will get out of the way and stay in the fight. Remember this is just a
concept, a technique, and it is here now and then gone in a flash.

Don't let anyone tell you differently: this is what allows the more advanced
practitioners of KCD to hit people multiple times and make others seem as if
they are getting hit by five people at the same time from seemingly every
direction at once. You see it's not so much that you are so much faster than
they are but that because you are in better position to take advantage of
their poor body position / balance all of their vulnerable areas are
available to you all at the same time. What I try to do is strike to these
areas as fast and hard as possible using the multi-hitting concept even if
using the same strike, dropping on each strike over and over. Again no
amount, I repeat "no amount" of stylized overly structured motion can allow
you to reproduce this type of motion in a real fight. It is only by
developing your body through the principles that you are able to achieve this.


Understand that the more you move the more you have to recover to move to
your next strike so you want to develop the ability to move as little as
necessary forcing them to have to move a greater distance in order to make
their strikes work. In past newsletters you have heard me discuss how a good
tennis player makes you run by playing from a superior position forcing you
to play beyond your sphere.

For example if my fist is two inches away from your body when striking and
because you overcommitted on a strike and say your weapon is now six inches
away from my body, in order just to break even so to speak you have to now
be at least three times as fast as a normal human being and even faster in
order to penetrate me. Heck, the fastest man in the world is not even twice
as fast as another human being.

For those like I, with math anxiety, this is the old algebraic question of
two trains leaving different cities at the same time and arriving at the
same time yet one train had to travel a greater distance. Obviously the
train that had to travel the greater distance had to travel at a greater
rate of speed in order to arrive at the same time, however if both trains
were moving at the same speed it would be "impossible" for them both to
arrive at the same time, so unless one of the trains traveled through a
theoretical "worm hole" that action is not happening!

By making contact and utilizing all of the principles simultaneously, since
I already know where their vulnerable areas are, and I know where I am in
relation to their body rather than beating around the bush I immediately go
for "Check Mate" without hesitation. Just by the mere touch of their hand
since you intuitively know where their vulnerable areas are, cut to the
chase, strike with impunity, strike to kill, striking from "the Void" and
end the battle as quickly as possible. This is something that has to be
learned through many hours of contact flow beginning at the ultra slow level
advancing through to full speed. Once I make contact whether fast or slow as
I enter, in order to shorten the time needed to move to my strike or
subsequent strikes I glide along the surface utilizing my tactile
sensitivity to guide me toward my target as quickly as possible [see our book Attack
Proof for a better understanding of this].

As I flow I focus on being as economical as possible [Economy of Movement]
and I try not to allow them space to operate since even when in contact
there is an action reaction effect that takes place though hundreds of times
faster than using hand eye coordination. By gliding along the surface using
their body as a map it not only prevents me from winding up or over
committing but allows me to appear faster than I really am and strike with
seemingly supernatural speed and power.


I don't know why because it should be pretty obvious but none the less there
is a school of thought out there that thinks that in order to strike with
power one must "chamber" the strike before throwing it. You know what I'm
talking about, however in truth when a strike is thrown there is only power
in the strike when it moves in the direction of the desired strike. Why
people continue to go the way of the heathen on this is beyond me.

When a baseball player swings his bat, when a gun is fired, the only thing
that matters is the energy moving forward. In other words if you are already
in position to make the strike work there is no need to wind up when
hitting, however this is not always practical since after throwing the
strike at some point you have to, to some degree, retract the strike in order
to strike again. In KCD we resolve this dilemma by shortening the weapon as
you "move in" maintaining contact as your body moves forward. In doing so
you continually load your spring thus bringing it to a position in which it
can strike with power multiple times. We also load our springs by taking
advantage of the space that is created from dropping on our strikes since
upon impact it generally moves the opponent's body away from the point of
impact or penetration so we "catch" this space which enables us to drop
again and again. As long as they're still standing we'll keep dropping and
hitting taking advantage of this space we've created.


This is consistent with the principle of "Finding the Straight Line in the
Circle". When striking you don't just want to hit people, you also want to
penetrate their center as you strike so that no matter where you strike not
only are they receiving maximum force from the blows but it off balances
them simultaneously preventing them from getting into the fight in the first
place. Remember: without some form of balance there is no power, period!


I don't know about you but one thing that drives me nuts when I see an
action movie is when the hero is fighting some "Dirt bag," and he hits "El
Dirt bag" with a good shot that puts him down or has him reeling from the
shot, then like a fool he backs off, lets the guy get up and recoup only to
have to fight a protracted battle. As you move based on all of the
aforementioned, one thing that you want to practice is for each move you want
to ensure to the best of your abilities that you are moving toward a killing
strike of some kind. In doing so it forces the attacker to have to deal with
everything. As you glide along the surface upon reaching your target you
want to drop as much as possible, striking each time you move like a bullet
shot. Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop...  


In order to describe this final concept I've chosen the name "Ride the
Lightning" to describe this effect. Like many of the other concepts in
"Attack Proof", various techniques which really are part of one continuous
flow were broken down and given names in order make them more teachable with
the big difference being unlike other systems which use colorful names to
describe things like "ride the tiger to the mountain", "monkey steals peach"
"dragon whips tail" etc... we actually tell you what it is and how it works.
The point is, don't get wrapped around the axle by the name. I just did this
because it sounds cool and esoteric and will make it easier for you to
remember. Riding the Lightning is simply an entry concept / philosophy that I
use and it is purely based on feel.

When striking I view my entry like a "bolt of lighting". Observe how
lightning when reaching across the sky in a flash arcs and branches
connecting from point to point along the path of least resistance. There is
no thought or preconceived notions about where to go-- it only "Is" as Musashi
would say it, "A Strike from the Void." As I launch my body from my root, for a
micro second, my body, remaining pliable, feels like the wind, my weapon with
my body aligned behind it hits with the authority of lightning. But it
doesn't just end there, assuming that a person is capable of absorbing
tremendous punishment too, include pocketing and yielding, based upon that
contact I "Ride the Lightning" striking with impunity from the void with
extreme violence of action arcing and striking from point to point as

How you employ it is entirely up to you for it is purely subjective based on
what you "perceive" you feel. The following rudimentary techniques span the
spectrum of this concept; understand that the techniques described below are
but a small sample of what you are capable of doing. I merely present them
as a basis from which to start from. When practicing them as always whether
on a heavy bag or with a partner start off ultra slow working up to full
speed while under control of your Sphere of Influence.
Side Chop Entry - as you enter you are going to enter right off the
bat with a side strike right out of the Close Combat Karate as taught within
KCD. This forces the attacker to either move block or be destroyed. If they
block the strike or move, based on what you feel as they move because you
have struck them you are now able to re-adjust and continue to strike. If
they continue to back up, mow them down with the strike.  
Enter with the "Drac" - when entering either with the side strike or
palm heel strike etc... If they block the strike immediately fold to the
Drac penetrating with your elbow deeply then unfold from the Drac flowing to
another strike and mow them down.
Fold and Answer the Phone - this is done in the same way as folding
to the Drac only you are now going to answer the phone. I find this works
especially well when dealing with taller opponents. As with the Drac
penetrate with your elbow deeply then unfold flowing to another strike and
mow them down, don't let them off the hook for an instant.
Stacking Sphere Entry - I love this move, when performing this entry
you are going to enter with your arm slightly bent and your lead hand on a
20º degree angle. In doing so it allows you to deflect their oncoming
strikes and penetrate with a palm strike all in one move since the angle of
your hand provides a significant mechanical advantage. Ensure that you raise
the shoulder of the striking arm and tucking the chin as you enter in order
to protect your head, face and neck. [For a more detailed explanation of
this see Skimming Energy in Attack Proof.]
Drop Strike Entry - if for some reason they attempt to enter first
you can blunt much of their power by dropping into their movement striking
first. If for some reason they get their strike off first you can still
nullify their attack by dropping on their lead arm and into the strike as
you move off line ricocheting into your kill strike, skimming off of their
body as you enter or going for a tool destruction on the way in. Ensure that
after your first drop that you continue to drop as you enter.
Bladed Entry - this is done with all of the strikes as mentioned
above only now you are going to immediately step off line striking
simultaneously as you enter. Ensure that you only step and strike within
your sphere of influence since this move will set them up for a session of
brutal multi hitting. If you've every worked with Master Carron this is that
"pin ball" effect he creates as he racks you back and forth between shots
bringing you to the point of near unconsciousness. You literally feel like
the ball in the pin ball machine, only you "want to drop" through the hole,
but he won't let you...
Enter from the Kick - just as the title says you want to enter by sending
a powerful kick right from the start immediately followed up with some sort
of strike. This action takes place literally within the blink of an eye. The
secret is by keeping the kick low dropping in with your whole body right
after the kick allowing no time for them to recover then striking again as
you catch yourself on the drop. This will also set up all of your hand
strikes and subsequent kicks. I use this when I need to negate another
person's reach or speed as I enter, this in turn buys me time so that I get
nothing while they get everything.
Bringing the House Entry - when bringing the house you are basically
going to launch into your strike throwing multiple strikes as you enter
overwhelming them. So for example you may enter with a front kick and side
chop, stepping off line to either a front / roundhouse kick and side chop,
palm heel and knee strike etc...  This same technique works when dealing
with multiple attackers only as you step you're going to send your strikes
in multiple directions striking outward from your center as you drop step in
order to either break the circle or step out of the center. This is where
the one shot one kill concept must be employed to the utmost. By maintaining
balance, fighting from within your sphere of influence you are able to throw
three strikes at once with power. Use your imagination and make it up as you
go along, mow them down and try to bust their bones...
Tool Replace to the Body Entry - much more difficult than the
previous entry moves and requires greater sensitivity, balance and looseness
mixed in with a healthy dose of reckless abandon.  The first time you are
struck in this fashion like with the Drop Punch your organs feel like jelly and
it is not uncommon to feel nauseous afterward. This is done with all of the
strikes as mentioned above only now as you step off line, striking
simultaneously as you enter, you are going to drop against them with your
body, this is usually done to the side of their body after you have cleared
their elbow as you drop into them [I don't think I need to spell out in
detail why you "must" clear their elbow, let's just say it's probably a good
idea lest you impale yourself on your own drop].
Ensure that you only step and strike within your sphere of influence
since this move is going to require that you step "deep" into them [see
Attack Proof for how to perform the Long Step and Guerilla Walk]. As you
drop with your body you must attempt to replace "their center" with "your
center." Your body must remain loose until the point of impact and then you
must explode with your body expanding outward, control your body unity as
you strike since it is not uncommon for them to fall or get launched off
their feet when hit in this fashion. As you strike your hands are now free
to strike, feel free to pummel them with multi striking.
Ride the Lightning to a Ground Attack - if for some reason you feel
as if you are going to fall or your find yourself in a situation whereas
going to the ground is either inevitable or your only chance for survival.
Upon delivering a blow or feeling contact immediately sweep to a ground
attack and commence to breaking bones using your feet with all of your
might. Utilize your hands to cover and protect your head and go into full
ground fighting mode. At a more advanced level you can actually launch this
attack from a distance diving in and rolling while striking in order to
throw a monkey wrench in their plans. While this requires practice and
training under a competent "Native American Ground Fighting [(tm)]"
practitioner this skill is totally learnable and may mean the difference
between life and death. However, care must be taken since the skills are
highly dangerous especially for the person being attacked.
Ghost Entry - as described by Musashi this is striking from the void
in its truest form. Grand Master Perkins has in the past referred to this as
"hitting people with your spirit" [this is wild]. With the ghost entry you
simply want to get an impression of the other person's body. As I enter, I
launch myself trying to remain as graceful [unitized] as possible and with
the "lightest" of contact or "perception" [spatial awareness] of where they
are in relation to my body I quickly move to a kill strike dropping and
penetrating on contact. If they adjust their position, no matter, "I adjust." I
imagine myself moving like the wind and striking like lightning. The
lightness of my contact whether physical or mental is based just as much on
my perception of contact as well as what I actually feel. While this is very
esoteric this is a totally learnable skill but it requires much practice.
Once again as with many of the techniques I've described I know
there are going to be those who will remain skeptical about this sort of
thing, for those who have felt this you know exactly what I'm talking about!
This movement when applied against you has an eerie feel to it because you
think you know where the other person is coming from however you truly do
not see the strike coming even when looking right at the person, and if
dropping energy is applied to it, "fa-gedda-bout-it", it is the Ghost Fist
in its purest essence...

*    Ensure that as you enter with the upper body strikes your
striking elbow or arm is high enough to protect your throat and face. This
can as in the case of the stacking sphere entry can be accomplished by
raising the shoulder and tucking the chin as you enter.
*    Ensure that your other hand is up to also protect the
*    Remember that even in their wild swings they could get lucky
and still land a shot with power.
*    Anticipate change and be prepared to flow at high speed
remaining continuous in your movement.
*    Launch from your root, control your Sphere of Influence and
maintain balance. As they move use the principles of KCD and end it as
quickly as possible.
*    Strike naturally, strike to kill, strike from the void...

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