"As it happens, just after I picked up Attack Proof, there was a
 story on the news of a guy convicted of assault and sentenced to 4 years in
 the pen over an incident at an Ohio Pizza parlor last July. I hadn't heard
 of this when it first happened.

 If you're not familiar with this incident, in brief, a woman cut the line at
 a pizza place and a guy, Joseph Scarpino, who was at the back of the line
 talking to someone on his cel phone commented about it to whoever he was
 talking to. This set the woman Presina Sims, off on a psychotic tirade,
 including spitting at the manager who had said something to her and was
 telling her to leave, she also accosted Scarpino. Her 300lb boyfriend
 entered the store and proceeded to pound on Scarpino, who had been making no
 effort even to defend himself against Sims, saying "he doesn't hit women".
 We see what his "gallantry" earned him.

 Here's a link to the story.

 Another with video. I don't have a high speed connection so I don't know how
 complete this video is, but the incident went on for some time.

 A lot has been made of the fact that none of the several men in the place
 did anything to assist. I'm curious what any of you feel you would do in a
 similar situation? Would you take an "it's not my fight" stance or would you
 have put Jones (the male assailant) and likely Sims as well out for the
 count? This guy was big but so slow and clearly unskilled I can't help but
 think anyone who halfway knew what they were doing could have put a hurtin'
 on him without much trouble.

 I have to wonder about legal issues for anyone who jumps in to help. In my
 mind, if you commit, you don't just try to "break it up", you need to go in
 to put the guy and likely the woman, down. If they weren't directly
 attacking you and you beat him/them to a pulp, I have to wonder how likely
 it is that it could come back to bite you.

 Even for the victim Scarpino, since Attack Proof advocates taking the
 initiative, not waiting for the clown to sucker punch you, if instead of
 being such a pathetic punching bag he was someone who could handle himself,
 and pre-emptively takes Jumbo out, maybe even killing him, I wonder how the
 law sees it. Is his simply menacing you enough? In most cases, you don't
 have clear color video to back up your story. You can't prove "here's what
 he would have done if I'd done nothing" after the fact. Clearly, Scarpino
 could very well have been killed.  Of course I feel your first priority is
 protecting yourself, but seeing how some court cases get resolved, I'm not
 at all confident that rationality will always prevail. Since John Perkins
 has a law enforcement background, I figured this might be a topic you all
 have kicked around at some point."



In this situation any action taken on the part of a good guy would bite him in the butt. The liberal media today just looks for a chance to destroy anyone who would stand up for his own right of self defense or the right to defend another. If you are able to fight and demonstrate it on camera the lunatic weaklings of the world will consider you a neanderthal for demonstrating any ability or inclination to get physical which is what I personally have experienced in the past. I have also seen this phenomenon happen to too many good men on too many occasions to count.

If you are the winner of a violent altercation and the police arrive at the scene you will automatically be seen as the assailant just by the fact that you are standing and the attacker is not.

The attitude even of the police is twisted today due to the fear of not being politically correct. ...
Yes the police must assume that anyone can be a potential attacker against themselves but this prejudice causes some problems that would be eliminated if more tact in handling the combatants was taken.

This does not mean that the police should let their guard down when quelling a situation or dealing with the winner who was the original victim. It means that if trained properly the police can use proper verbal commands to control the righteous victor who is often pumped up on adrenaline and may have difficulty surrendering when violently handled by the responding officers.

To get back to the original question. Knowing the above, I would have checked out the scene to see who would be friend or foe before I took any action. You never know who may jump you in favor of the assailant.  I could state what my intentions were loudly asking if anyone could call the police and see if anyone would back me up. Or I could state loudly that I am calling the police and see if that would stop the attacker.

Every situation has many variations for creating a new outcome. Only you can make a decision for yourself that you will have to live with.

If the attacker did not get the message by then I would in a loud voice, both for the perpetrator and the crowd to hear, that he should halt his attack immediately. If he continued I would then do whatever was neccessary to protect the victim from the potential serious injury or death that he could suffer at the hands of the attacker. Hopefully I would not have to act alone but have some one from the crowd to help.

I would keep in mind that anyone in the crowd could present a threat and be wary of that. But I would have to take some action if, as in the case of the video, I felt that serious injury or death could occur. I would take the chance of being jumped and attempt to stop the attacker as efficiently as I possibly could with only the amount of physical force neccessary to accomplish the task of protecting the victim.

As far as the authorities are considered I would have to take action in spite of the above negative possibilities just so that I could live with myself later. And never forget the possibility of physical injury to yourself. If you have a family you should take that into consideration.

It must be noted that I don't expect an untrained individual to take the same action as I would. If you could enlist the aid of the crowd do so if possible if you feel that it is neccessary to save the life of the victim. You should realize that the crowd could also get out of control against the attacker and do grave bodily injury or worse to the attacker which could later be used against all participants in court. If the attacker is injured you can bet that he will get some legal hack looking for a buck or some attention to screw with anyone who protects the victim.  Bear in mind that the cowards will be waiting to Monday morning quarterback your every move and even make up things to hurt you later. For some it is worth it. I fear my conscience more than physical injury. I don't have children. I am not sure that having my own children would stay my hand but it is something to consider.

Take care, JP

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