(By Kevin, KCD black belt and Police Officer)

I want to take the time to speak on an area that is totally excluded or given little attention to in the majority of martial arts schools and police training academies.  It is one of the most important areas but probably one of the most neglected areas.  I am talking about awareness training and mental preparedness training (both go hand in hand). 

I have previously studied praying mantis kung fu, Chinese kenpo, Shaolin kung fu, and Tai Chi. I have also attended two basic police academies and a few advanced police training institutes.  While I will say to their credit the police academies I attended did to some degree provide some awareness and mental preparedness discussions they in no way began to touch the surface as to what is necessary to prepare a police officer to expect on the street and at the same time be ready to deal with it.

I have been learning KCD under John Perkins for a little less than 4 years now and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the attention that he pays to mental preparation.  I came to John with a high level of awareness from my experience (professional and gained from growing up) but KCD has raised it out of this stratosphere.  It would be hard here to fully explain to someone who has never attended a class and heard one of John's real world adventures because it's more then just a lecture but also about the way during KCD physical training, John and other senior instructors are constantly programming the subconscious mind.  One of my favorite KCD sayings is when an instructor will have himself put in a very compromising position and then inquire about "what they should do at that point"  that the correct answer is "we cannot allow ourselves to get in that situation in the first place." 

I have also learned in KCD that if, for whatever reason, my awareness is not where it should be at that particular moment and I find myself in a dangerous situation that there are other levels of awareness that must kick in.  If I allowed myself to have more than one potential attacker in my space attempting to surround and get the jump on me (my police training did not cover situations like these) my KCD training covers what to do.  KCD is realistic and honest enough to not have a practitioner believing that if he does what he learned that it would always work without fail.  As John continuously preaches, "even if you know KCD, if someone gets the drop on you, you are through". 

I believe that John's forensic background and his sharing with us the countless number of situations he has been involved in and the various crime scene reports that he read and could break down forensically really gives us a leg up on everyone else.  If you do not believe me, just watch the facial expressions of new students who are exposed to John's real world situations for the first time.

I have a buddy who is a police trainer and he was sharing with me some sure-fire technique (at least to hear him tell it) that concluded with a hit to the perpetrator's groin that he assured would result in his submission.  When I questioned him about what if the groin shot did not stop the individual he did not acknowledge that it was even a possibility.  Anyone who has ever listened to John's lectures or even seen some of the people who have attended John's classes know that people can sustain more physical punishment then is thought possible and continue to fight on. 
[John tells many stories about bad guys taking full power kicks to the groin and not stopping].

To give you an example of what a person can sustain, during the late 80's or early 90's the FBI surveillance squad in I think it was Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale, FL, came upon two bank robbers they had been looking for and confronted them and from that point about a 15 to 30 minute gun fight ensued.  This ended with the death of the bad guys and unfortunately a couple of FBI agents (this case was made into a TV movie).  However, after a review by the forensic investigation team it was revealed that one of the bad guys at the beginning of the gun fight received a shot to his body that according to the medical profession was a non-survivable wound but was able to continue fighting for the next 15 to 30 minutes until he was shot at point blank range.  So anyone who questions why John spends so much time on mental conditioning and awareness training is in denial of real world encounters versus the set up safety of the dojo or gym. 

Any martial art or police training that does not encompass awareness and mental conditioning along with the physical techniques is like going to a holistic doctor that does not address your physical condition in conjunction with your mental and spiritual level. It's a waste of your time and money.  This is why through KCD you will learn all of the elements necessary to give you a chance to survive on the mean streets of the world.

Think on this: who has a better chance of survival in a violent confrontation when a "foolproof" technique fails-- the person who was taught by their instructor that the technique is guaranteed to be successful or the KCD practicioner who was taught that any person can be stronger, and more powerful then their physical composition should entitle them to be.  I would place my money on the KCD
practitioner because the other student may panic when his
"can't miss" technique does just that, while the KCD student is subconsciously wired to expect the attacker to defeat any one technique, punch, or kick and will just sigh and say to themselves "well you SOB now you are really going to force me to hurt you.

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