"Hey guys, I just wanted wanted to share a story of something that recently
happened to me. Last week, after leaving a bar in Grammercy on a Thursday
night, something strange took place.  I was leaving the bar with two friends
when I see this thugged out guy trudging down the block with a seriously
contemptuous scowl on his face.  His vision is straight forward and even though
he had plenty of room on the sidewalk- he proceeded to purposely bump into both
myself and one of my buddies, hard.  He kept walking so we thought nothing of
it- for all we knew he could have just been drunk or whatever.

A few minutes later here he comes again, now in the opposite direction coming atus head on (he must have circled the block).  He practically throws a hockey check at one of my friends who immediately gets angered and gives him a look. This jerk then puts his arms out to the sides (a "what's up now bitch?"gesture) and says, "What?  You wanna fight?  You want some?" 

Obviously, thisdude was just looking for a fight and was probably out to test his new knife/gun/ taser whatever.  Luckily, my friend was smart and said, "No. I just don't know why you keep on smacking into me."  This punk then squared himself off with us and began to reach into his pocket!!  I knew right away that he had a weapon and this wasn't good.  He was looking at three guys and he was all balls so
something had to be going on here.  I put my hand on my knife and pulled my hip
back hoping that he would see that I had something as well but not letting him
see what it was.  He made eye contact with me and then scanned down slowly to my hip where my hand was.  He gave me a glare and then turned on his heels.

Thankfully, no one was hurt!  I was scared shitless but I figured this guy
was just looking for an easy target, not a brawl or a shootout.  He didn't
know that I was only carrying a knife but luckily, I didn't get the chance to
find out if he really did have a gun.  This wasn't the first time in my life
that I'd encountered someone with a weapon but it was the first time in quite a
while and certainly the first time in front of a crowded establishment with tons
of people outside to witness it!!I know I could have just ran away but I
thought if we just bolted, maybe the sudden motion would have caused him to draw
his gun and shoot (if it really was a gun).  Besides, we were in the middle of a
city block with a lot of distance before any serious cover.  Did I do the right/
smart thing here??  I would liketo hear from anyone who would like to respond,
to see if there is a varied opinion."
--Adam C.

You were probably correct in what you did by reaching for your pocket but there is always the chance that the assailant could have a gun.

Now we get to the real nitty gritty. If you jumped the guy because you believed that he was armed and hurt him and found out that he was bluffing, the police and the legal folks would hang you up to dry. This is because our New York culture is basically pacifist and only gets violent about political situations. You are not to act as a man would in other areas of the country.

Your other option is to run. I suspect that you did not because subconsciously you may have felt that your friends may have not gotten the hint and run also which would have left them as possible targets.

In many ways this is a no-win situation. Even if you subdue the bad guy and don't hurt him he can find a slimy lawyer and sue you anyway.

Now you have to make a decision. Can you and your friends become more aware and see trouble before it starts on a physical level? Remember we live in a blame the victim society because the minority of folks are politically set up against the right of the individual to defend him/herself and they have most of the courts in their pocket along with the mainstream media. Even the police are often hamstrung when it comes to defending victims including themselves. So, if at all possible, become psychic and see trouble before it manifests itself in the slightest degree and run away from danger. Do Not take a stand and defend yourself. You should react like they must do in England and take the beating and hope it is not fatal and wait to make a police report so that the state can take care of you.

I wish that this was an exaggration. If you choose to do the moral and right thing and if you feel that it is more dangerous to run then you must resist with whatever force is neccessary to stop the aggression. But remember that you will most likely have to face the monday morning quarterbacks that have never been in a fight and will tell you what you should have done. Sometimes it is not a sane option to let the bad guy attack you without defending yourself. So do the best that you can to survive and hope for the best.
It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Best of luck, JP

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