"Today in class we were working the fright
reaction. We started basic, eyes closed and
getting touched. Then we started to get a little
more energetic. Now I'm 5'8" and weigh 165 lbs
and am in excellent physical condition. One of my
training partners is 5'7" and 240 lbs. and is
in excellent weight lifting muscle head physical

So I'm standing there with my eyes closed and he
locks this bear hug with my arms pinned. Yes I
went into fright reaction, but he was on me so
fast he was able to pin my arms. Now I've been
in this situation many times and dropping, turning
and stepping in while stomping, striking, and head
butting and have always managed to get myself into
a position to attack my attacker. With Jessie I
could not. He sprawled his legs out tucked his chin
down and moved me around like a rag doll. I had to
revert to my Kenpo training. I rear scoop kicked
him in the groin and started peeling his fingers
off with one hand and chopped to his groin with the

Also we did this drill several times and the other
students had no problem with just dropping and
shooting there butts out to break the grip. Not me,
any suggestions or did I do what I could do for my
body type. I tried pushing back as he was taking me
to the ground to break the grip. All I managed to
do was separate a rib. Ouch! I did manage to get out--
it just took what seemed like forever and when we
had a third person attack me while being held like
that it is very scary. We work most of our situations
like we are dealing with Inmates who want to kill us.
Thanks, Bob"


Basically what you have described is an attack that
is possible to be put on you especially in close
quarters where you are easily approached by people
who can attack you. On the street with the proper
awareness strategy it is difficult for someone to
blindside you. In the prison environment it is far
more difficult to deal with because inmates are able
to get close to you often and they don't have to be
especially stealthy.

In fact in your environment any form of unarmed
attack as well as some armed attacks can be carried
out by anyone willing to go down for it.

I don't know exactly how you go about your day among
the inmate population but if you are only near inmates
on an intermittent basis then whenever you are passing
nearby one or more and can't keep enough distance to
prevent a sudden attack you can touch your cheek or
scratch it on the side facing the inmate. This does not
allow for a simple grab that locks out both arms at
once. It also eliminates a full choke on the neck. This
should allow you to resort to your stomping, head butts
finger breaks etc. It also will send an unconscious
message that a grapple attack will be difficult.

This does not preclude leg take downs but does make a
head strike more difficult as well. If you are taken
down suddenly by the legs you should fall as smoothly
as possible and pull your knees up toward your chest.
This should allow you to get your fingers into the
eyes of the attacker thus releasing the hold on your
legs. Once the hold is released you should roll out
of reach and get to your feet asap. If you feel more
attackers on you then use the native american leg
kicking techniques from thE ground position on the
remaining attackers until you can regain your feet.

If you practice the kicking drills from the ground
you can eliminate getting grappled with the other
attackers and also eliminate much of the kicks to
your head. Remember to be a moving target while
protecting your head while on the ground. If you are
able to carry some inocuous item that can be used
as a weapon you may get this into play while
continuing to protect your head with one hand while
kicking and rolling etc. See the video clip #8
where Lt. Col. Al is rolling and kicking while going
for his knife.

There is so much more to learn and practice for such
situations especially for the prison environment.
There are so many possible scenarios that can be
worked out that have some techniques that will cover
many situations.

I could spend hours just training folks for the
close quarters prison environment. Keep up with the
drills in the book. Practice the close combat strikes
and the anywhere strikes along with the native
american ground fighting.

"Thank you for your reply. In our Correctional
environment we  are almost always close to Inmates.
From watching the videos I see that you scratch
your face in public places when someone gets to close. 
I encourage the guys that train with me to carry a
good strong pen in an easily  accessible place.
We have found that the Zebra F-402 pen is almost
a shank."

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